Diagnostic Testing

Being able to adequately and properly diagnose an illness in a timely manner is critical to the longevity of your pet. It is also necessary in determining the right course of treatment. Diagnostic tests help veterinarians identify a variety of health conditions such as cancer, blood disorders, thyroid disease, diabetes, kidney and liver disease as well as a number of dangerous infections and hormonal issues. At Oceanside Animal Hospital, we offer the most advanced diagnostics available to our patients.

With many diseases, time is of the essence. Through the use of such state-of-the-art equipment and technology as in-house blood analyzers, digital radiology, and ultrasounds readily arranged via SonoVu Mobile Ultrasound, many of the in-house diagnostic services we offer provide same-day results. This means a more timely diagnosis and allows us to aggressively develop and move forward with appropriate treatment plans.

As with humans, animals can suffer from a number of different health conditions that simply can’t be visibly identified on the surface. The comprehensive diagnostic services available at Oceanside Animal Hospital allow us to delve deeper and diagnose and treat health problems in a timely manner so that your pet can get back to feeling well again as soon as possible.