Taking the "Pet" out of Petrified

Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that Oceanside Animal Hospital is officially the FIRST and ONLY animal hospital in B.C. to become a Fear Free Certified PRACTICE! We are only the second hospital to become certified in all of Canada! We are so proud of all of our amazing team members for this incredible accomplishment. Every member of our team fully embraced this initiative to make a huge difference in the emotional well-being of our patients.
As most of you know, all of the members of our staff became Fear Free Certified Professionals within the last year. This means that we have developed ways of handling and reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in dogs and cats resulting in a more stress-free visit for everyone involved. Our goal is to make a potentially scary situation (vet visit) fun for our patients!

The Fear Free Practice Certification process is an exhaustive one, requiring a comprehensive on-site evaluation by a veterinarian with advanced training in animal behavior, and requiring that we meet many mandatory standards. Achieving certification means we have successfully incorporated Fear Free in all aspects of our practice, and are committed to making the veterinary experience as stress free as possible for every single one of our patients.

You can learn more about the Fear Free Initiative at www.fearfreepets.comand on our website at https://www.oceansideanimalhospital.ca/fear-free/. For ways to reduce stress prior to your appointment, visit www.fearfreehappyhomes.com.

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