Deworming Services for Pets

Parasitic worms have a bad reputation and for a good reason. They can cause serious, irreparable and fatal complications. Some can even be passed on from pets to humans. The good news is that your pet will be well-protected from these pesky creatures with proper deworming. Call us at 250-248-0008 for more details on our deworming services for pets. 

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What is deworming?

This is when the veterinarian gives your pet medication (in oral or injectable form) that rids them of internal worms. There are different types of formulations available, many of which can combat various types of worms at once. 

How often should my pet be dewormed?

Depending on the formula chosen, pets should be dewormed once every 3 to 4 months. It’s essential to stay on top of your pet’s deworming schedule. Missing a dose can leave them vulnerable to infection. 

Do indoor pets need deworming?

Yes. All pets should be dewormed. Worms (and other parasites) can easily hitch a ride into your home through other people, animals and objects that enter your doors. Pets need to be dewormed even during the wintertime. Worms can still be active and reproduce during the colder months. 

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