Euthanasia Services for Pets

Saying goodbye to a cherished pet is one of the most painful experiences anyone can go through. Here at Oceanside, our goal is to support you throughout this process so you can focus on spending as much time with your pet during the last days of their life. For more details on how we can help out, please call us at 250-248-0008.

Is euthanasia humane?

Yes. Euthanasia, otherwise known as “assisted death” is the last act of mercy we can provide for pets with a terminal illness or chronic pain no longer responsive to treatment. It is 100% pain-free. 

What happens during pet euthanasia?

We have a private area in our hospital to perform these procedures. The euthanasia drug is usually administered via IV. First, it will make your pet fall into a peaceful sleep. Once unconscious, it will cause their organs to fail. The procedure is complete in a matter of minutes. 

Can I be with my pet?

Yes. You can be by your pet’s side and hold them until their final breath. We will provide you with plenty of privacy and time to say your final goodbyes. Feel free to bring your pet’s favourite toys or blankets for added comfort.