Microchipping Services for Pets

Even the most well-behaved pets can succumb to their curious and adventurous instincts. Pets can escape and get lost in a split second. With microchipping, your chances of reunion increase exponentially. Give us a call at 250-248-0008 to find out how. 

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What does it mean if a pet is microchipped?

This means that they have a small chip (the size of a rice grain) inside their body. The chip is placed via a small needle, usually just underneath their skin in between their shoulder blades. The procedure is minimally invasive, and oftentimes no sedation is needed. 

Can I track my pet with the microchip?

No. The chip is not a GPS. Instead, we can embed important details about your pet’s health and your contact information into the chip. It can be scanned by veterinary shelters or hospitals that find your pet if they ever get lost. Once scanned, they will be able to extract your contact information and reach out to you. If your pet has a medical condition, for example, we can embed that onto the chip so they can receive proper care with the team that finds them.

How much does microchipping cost?

Please give us a call for our most up-to-date service charges. 

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