Ultrasound and X-ray Services for Pets

Diagnostic tools like ultrasounds and X-rays are essential to veterinary care. They reveal critical information about your pet’s health. Plus, they are a non-invasive means of retrieving these vital details. For more information on these technologies and services, simply give us a call at 250-248-0008.

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Why would my pet need an ultrasound or X-ray?

It depends on the situation. Veterinarians typically have these scans completed when diagnosing your pet with certain illnesses. They can also be used to assess injuries or swallowed items. 

Do pets need to be sedated during an ultrasound or X-ray?

Not usually. First of all, these scans are 100% pain-free and non-invasive. Most pets are fine with being gently restrained for their scan. There are rare instances where we do have to sedate certain patients. These are usually those with severe anxiety or those who do not like being restrained. We are happy to accommodate these patients to prevent them from feeling unnecessary stress. 

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