Veterinary Exam Services for Pets

Making sure that your furry friend regularly sees their veterinarian is one of the best things you can do. Exams can help us get ahead of any underlying conditions. They will save you time and money and reduce any potential pain/discomfort for your pet in the long run. Call us today to book your next appointment and to find out more about our veterinary exams. 

Note: As a Fear Free Certified practice, our doctors and technicians have expertise in treating pets that require special accommodations (e.g. those with anxiety, aggression and other behavioural issues). Our staff have completed training on proven methods that reduce stress in pets.  

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How often should I take my pet to the vet?

We recommend once-a-year checkups for otherwise healthy adult pets. Senior pets should come in twice a year. Newborns, pregnant pets, and those with ongoing conditions typically need more frequent checks to monitor their cases. 

How much is a veterinary exam?

Because every patient is different, and because we take a personalized approach for all our services, it is difficult to provide a “general” rate. Please feel free to call us for our updated services fees. 

What happens during a veterinary exam?

Again, the consultation may vary from patient to patient. Most checkups involve a tip-to-tail visual check where the doctor will check for any abnormalities in your pet’s appearance, behaviour, bodily functions (e.g. breathing, heart rate) and movement. Then, you will have a conversation with the vet about any concerns you may have. They may also ask you for details on your pet’s daily routine. After that, the vet may recommend specific treatments, lifestyle changes, foods, or tests depending on what they uncover during the checkup. 

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